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Release Pledged Gold

It is a practice across India where people pledge their gold jewellery to meet their financial needs, sometimes, due to the heavy interest rates and financial problems, most of the customers fail to release the gold pledged with the banks, NBFC’s and local pawn brokers.
If you have kept your gold with bankers or Pawn Brokers and are not able to release your ornaments in the near future, then there is no point in paying unnecessary interest. The best way to release the gold is using “GoldSell Release Pledged Gold Support” and settle the loan. Normally NBFC’s and Pawn Brokers used to charge interest rate ranging from 16% to 36% annually.
We help the customers to release their gold and other jewelry from bankers, pawnbrokers, NBFCs and buy the gold probably at best price than our competitors.


Close Gold Loan/ Pawn

We will give you cash to Release your pledged Gold


Test & Offer

We use the world renowned ThermoFisher XRF Gold Tester to test the Gold inFront of you and offer the Best Market Price


Get Your Money

You get the difference amount in form of Cash/ Bank Transfer - NEFT/IMPS/RTGS

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